feel DYING !

now , my tears are dried and my heart died .
no longer be as i can be .
sometimes ,
i miss my old lifetime .
happy & laughing at all time .
just like no problems at all
now ,
i dont know myself 
who i am .
sometimes i feel losing my faith 
keep on going like this
totally freak out !
i  want to spill out  !
but i dont know where i  want to start .
no shoulder to lend 
i'm totally loss 
people dont know what i'm feel inside 
i'm keep smiling infront 
but inside ,
totally DIE !
now ,
i keep trying to build my new life 
even sometimes its hurt 
to my dearest friends 
forgive me
i'm not stick with u when u need me
please give me some more time
just want tell u
i'm still love u guys

Thanks for reading ! love uolls ! ^^